Vampire Diaries : Paul Wesley (Stefan) found Matt Davis (Alaric) on the set of Legacies

Two years after the end of “Vampire Diaries,” the series that made him a star, Paul Wesley, the interpreter of Stefan Salvatore, has been reunited with Matt Davis (Alaric) and Julie Plec, the creator, the time of an episode of the spin-off “Legacies” that he has made. TV Guide/CW back recently on the small screen in the series anthological Kevin Williamson (Scream, Dawson) Tell Me a Story, Paul Wesley has rather rebounded well since the end of Vampire Diaries 2017. And he clearly said several times that he would not resume his role of Stefan in Legacies, the comedian, who seems to be heading more and more towards the achievement, remains visibly on very good terms with the CW and Julie Plec, the creator of Vampire Diaries, because he made the 13th episode of the spin-off centered on Hope and Alaric, which will be broadcast tomorrow evening in the United States. The opportunity for Paul Wesley to discover the universe of this spin-off more ado, between Buffy and Harry Potter, and to find his old playmate Matt Davis, who played Alaric Saltzman during several seasons of the series mother before becoming the central figure of its own declension. The american website TV Guide has unveiled photos of filming which will please undoubtedly the fans of the franchise, has been able to maintain on the shelf with the actor-director who seemed delighted by this new experience behind the camera : “I’m really broke. The realization is something very different, that I deeply love and which fascinates me. What is certain is that I will not be back in front of the camera to play a new vampire, but behind… I loved directing these young and Matt Davis, and back to Atlanta, my former playground. Each time that I realize this is an opportunity for me to put in practice my technical skills and learn how to talk to actors. It is always a welcome opportunity”. And if we are to believe his recent resume or CV, Paul Wesley does not stop there since that had already happened behind the camera during five episodes of Vampire Diaries in the course of the eight seasons of the series has recently directed episodes of Roswell, New Mexico and Shadowhunters. The beginning of a true new career, at the expense of the comedy ? The teaser of the next episode of Legacies, directed by Paul Wesley : Legacies – season 1 – episode 13 Teaser VO

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