Kit Harington (Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones”) is back on the filming of “My life with John F Donovan,” the new film by Xavier Dolan, this Wednesday in the halls.

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Less than three weeks of the release of”Alita : Battle Angel”, check out the clip official “Swan Song” sung by Dua Lipa. Capture d'screen After the success of his first album released in 2017, and collaborations with Calvin Harris, Diplo and Mark Ronson, the british singer Dua Lipa is trying out for the first time to the music of the film by interpreting the official title of Alita : Battle Angel, the blockbuster Robert Rodriguez produced by James Cameron. The clip of this song called Swan Song sees the singer move in a post-apocalyptic world where she meets Alita, the heroine of cyborg from the feature film. The video is made by Floria Sigismondi, who was responsible for the Runaways, a biopic dedicated to the famous group of the glam rock of the 70s who revealed to Joan Jett. Sigismondi is best known for the many movie clips that it has signed including David Bowie, The Cure, Marilyn Manson, Sigur Rós, The White Stripes, or even Christina Aguilera. Adapted from the manga Gunnm, Alita : Battle Angel comes out in cinemas on February 13 next. Check out the music video for Swan Song performed by Dua Lipa :

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You don’t know what to watch tonight ? The Drafting of AlloCiné shows you the movies and series on tv. In the program : Vin Diesel is Riddick, a comedy soap with Vincent Macaigne and Michael Fassbender in Ridley Scott. “Allowed to watch” Pitch Black by David Twohy with Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell (Action, 20: 50) : “Pitch Black, the first foray of Vin Diesel in the skin of the dangerous criminal Riddick, is a very good film of SF, both heady and nerve-wracking. The beautiful Radha Mitchell is one of the strong points of the film in the skin of a young woman, badass, holding the head to the brawny Diesel. Violent and breathless, Pitch Black is also worth a look for the design of the creatures created by the specialist Patrick Tatopoulos, as well as for his supporting roles tasty, Keith David in the head.” Vincent Formica, The daughter of 14 July trailer VF the daughter of The July 14, Antonin Peretjatko with Vimala Pons, Grégoire Tachnakian (Ciné + Club, 20: 50) : “Antonin Peretjatko dynamite the French comedy with this film completely crazy, worn by the great Vincent Macaigne and Vimala Pons. This last a character by the name of Truquette, it can not be invented ! Absurd and creaky, the work is half-way between the style of Bertrand Blier and Quentin Dupieux, also served by a range of supporting roles and earthy. A comedy fresh and charming, which is running out of steam unfortunately a bit on the end.” Vincent Formica “Permit zapping” Alien: Covenant trailer VO Alien : Covenant of Ridley Scott with Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston (Ciné + Premier, 20: 50) : “After the disaster, Prometheus, Ridley Scott continues to scuttle his own saga with this very bad Alien : Covenant. If the anhedral has any form of thrill, Ridley doesn’t try anything to work around this problem and get us out of pounce straight from the worst nanars of SF (the scene in the shower, the separation of the group, despite the threat, the non-wearing of protective helmets on a hostile planet… A true devastation wrought by a filmmaker in need of inspiration that would have done better to leave the baby to a young director passionate. Isn’t this Neill Blomkamp ?” Vincent Formica “Permitted to speak” And otherwise, among all the movies that are coming this evening, what is your favorite ? What are you going to watch on Wednesday, 03 April ? To find all programs, go directly to the grid by clicking here.

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Anecdotes of the filming, memoranda, information movie fans : every week, check out the behind the scenes of the cinema. The Baby from Lisa Azuelos With Sandrine Kiberlain, Thaïs Alessandrin, Victor Belmondo… did you know ? The daughter of a famous singer and actress ( Marie Laforêt) and mother of Thais Alessandrin , Lisa Azuelos also runs in My Baby Victor Belmondo , grandson of Jean-Paul. The latter has shot four films with Laforêt ( man-hunt, Happy Easter, morfalous, Cop or Thug). Thaïs Alessandrin and Victor Belmondo is, they are given the replica in All Inclusive. Rebel trailer VF Rebel Allan Mauduit With Cécile de France, Yolande Moreau, Audrey Lamy… did you know ? Allan Mauduit, who wanted for a long time to achieve a polar doubled a comedy with characters from condition popular, had tried for seven years to acquire the rights to the adaptation of”A little job”, an american novel where an unemployed person accepts to kill people. It is finally to Michel Blanc who recovered the rights of the book and was made into a movie worn by Romain Duris. “Rebel is born in the renunciation of this project. It has been a blessing,” says Allan Mauduit. Exceptional convoy trailer VF Convoy exceptional by Bertrand Blier With Gérard Depardieu, Christian clavier, Farida Rahouadj… did you know ? Gérard Depardieu and Bertrand Blier has toured many times together, in particular for Balls, Cold Buffet or an evening Dress. Convoi exceptionnel is their 9th collaboration. As to Depardieu and Keyboard, they already have seven films to their credit, with, among others, adaptations of Asterix and Obelix, Napoleon, The Miserable, or even guardian Angels (1995). Meltem trailer VF Meltem by Basile Doganis With Daphne Patakia, Rabah Naït Oufella, Lamine Cissokho… did you know ? Basile Doganis is a writer-director Greek-French. After studies of philosophy (ENS-Paris, aggregation, Thesis), he directed a documentary in Japan (Kami Hito E – On The Edge (2008)) and worked as 1st assistant director Jean-Pierre Limosin on his documentary on the japanese mafia Young Yakuza (Cannes 2007). He directed two short films of fiction, The brother’s Keeper (20’, 2012), and Day of call (21’, 2014), selected in over 50 film festivals in France and abroad, as well as a documentary on the dancer of butoh Ko Murobushi in which the filming was spread over the last 10 years of his life, Alterations / Ko Murobushi (49’, 2019). Meltem is his first fiction feature film. Aïlo : an odyssey in Lapland trailer VF Aïlo : an odyssey in Lapland of William Maidatchevsky With Aldebert did you know ? Director of several documentaries, wildlife, William Maidatchevsky was launched in Aïlo : an odyssey in Lapland after his children noted that he had never done a film on the reindeer of santa Claus : “And actually, I realized that the children, my children, know better through the films, the animals of the savanna or jungle as those of the european territory. While these are logically more close to home. However, it is important to know the wildlife of which it is near. This film is a bit like a command of my kids !”

Available on Netflix, the series “The Heart has its reasons”, about a young teacher thrust upon us in the canadian West in 1910, is the dream of many subscribers. The opportunity to reflect on the journey of Erin Krakow, the performer of the heroine. Has 34 years old, Erin Krakow is the heroine of her own fiction, The Heart has its reasons. Very appreciated by the public, her character, Elizabeth Thatcher, a wealthy young teacher who, for emancipation from her family, accepts a position in the canadian West, away from loved ones. When the show begins its 6th season, we offer you to paint a portrait of the actress who carries the series on his shoulders. Early exposure ! A graduate of the prestigious Juilliard school in New York, Erin Krakow studied dramatic arts and performed on stage on numerous occasions to cure his game. In “The Importance of being earnest”, from Oscar Wilde, or even the “George IV”. It notably includes the role held previously by Julia Roberts in Gossip of women (1989), for the purposes of the stage adaptation. In 2010, the production of the series American Wives recruits as recurring for seasons 4 and 5. Tanya Gabriel, his character, works in the hospital of a military base in order to finance her nursing studies. Become regular time of the season 6, the young woman, betrothed, with the soldier Sherwood (Richard Bryant), must face the pain of losing his beloved. His contract with the army came to an end, she left the show in July 2012. After an appearance on Castle Erin Krakow finds his soul mate in the person of Ryan McPartlin (Chuck) in How I met prince charming and throws in a contest of pastry for Christmas cookies. His name headlining The real turning point in his career occurs in January 2014. The actress then becomes the heroine of the new series of Hallmark Channel, When Calls the Heart , translated by The Heart has its reasons in France. She lends her features to Elizabeth Thatcher, a young teacher accustomed to life in high society, sent in a small mining town of coal run by two widows. This first post in an environment that is completely alien will force it to stand on its own. A new life that will also allow him to find love… In the fiction of Michael Landon Jr, son of the unforgettable patriarch Charles Ingalls of the little house on The prairie, Erin Krakow succeeds Poppy Drayton, which was in the first place the role in the tv movie The heart has its reasons : The Diary of a school teacher. If a few episodes of the Heart has its reasons have been broadcast in France on M6 and Téva, the first five seasons are now available on Netflix. As to season 6, it will start on 24 February next, on the screens of american and a spin-off should see the light of day in the course of the year. The adventure is far from over for Erin Krakow. Hallmark Channel Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) under the spell of the officer of the canadian mounted police (Daniel Lissing) in “The Heart has its reasons”. Complicity to the city as the screen ? For the past five years, The Heart has its reasons is the dream of many viewers through the touching love story of Elizabeth Thatcher, and the officer of the canadian mounted police Jack Thornton. Alchemy is such that the fans think that the two actors Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing, could maintain a secret relationship. The publications of the two persons concerned, on social networks, showing their complicity, merely fuelled the rumours. The duo was, however, never confirmed any intimacy. Better, the interpreter of Jack posted a message on Instagram assuring that he regarded her partner as a sister. See this publication on Instagram My sister from another mister!! @erinkrakow #hearties A publication shared by Daniel Lissing (@daniellissing) on 11 Oct. 2017 at 4 :45 am PDT An annual meeting In conjunction with the Heart has its reasons, Hallmark Channel entrusts Erin Krakow the main role of a series of films for television from the novels of Robin Jones Gunn. In A dad for Christmas, the young woman tries to discover the truth about her father. The success is such that other areas see the light of day : revelations for Christmas and A wedding in the snow, in which she reprises the role of Miranda in Chester for a story that combines good feelings, romance, and magic of Christmas.